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License Types

Licenses are grouped into entities called License Groups in order to be managed collectively. All licenses within the same group share the same expiration date. Each License Group can contain the following types of licenses.

Engineering Node

    Engineering nodes refer to having a FORCES PRO client on a host PC, being able to generate code and being able to run simulations with the generated solvers in the host PC they are generated on

Software Testing Node

    Software Testing nodes refer to enabling additional host machines for the solvers to run in, without activating them for code generation. This is usually used in case one needs to run the solvers on server VMs in order to test performance on a larger size of resources (core/memory) or on machines where internet connection is not available to generate code

Hardware Testing Node

    Hardware Testing nodes refer to enabling embedded systems for the solvers to run in

Floating License

    Floating Licenses refer to being able to run generated solvers in machines that have not already been enabled by receiving a temporary license from a floating license server. This is useful in cases when the machine can potentially change (e.g. due to virtualization) and it's not possible to permanently fingerprint a machine. This is currently only available for GNU Linux platforms and should only be used for simulation purposes (i.e. instead of SW Testing Nodes)

General Information

    FORCES PRO clients are directly mapped to Engineering Nodes. Therefore, to receive a FORCES PRO client it is necessary to assign an Engineering Node. Therefore, all License Groups should contain at least one Engineering Node.

Product Variants

    FORCES PRO is available in three different variants. This selection can be done when creating a License Group. During a License Group request for a product, the user can select the variant of the product they would need to use. Each license group can only have a single variant, therefore if two different variants are needed, two license groups should be created.


    FORCES PRO is available in different variants to adapt best to each user's needs. The available variants can be found in the FORCES PRO documentation

License Users

Commercial Manager

    This refers to users being able to purchase or manage existing licenses as well as assign licenses to other users within the same organization as well as invite users of the same organization to register (without needing to go through the approval process).

Commercial User

    This refers to users within an organization having licenses assigned to them by their manager. Commercial Users do not register through the Sign Up page of the portal but by following the registration link in the invitation sent to them from their manager.

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